Essay about A Break Down of ’Modern Times’

" Contemporary Times" ~ Charles Chaplin

Huge clock on which the hand goes unescapably toward the top in the hour Symbolism: People live under the cruelty of time- dictatorship with the clock. " Time is definitely money, ” and people must hurry. That they strain to keep up with schedules and deadlines Conveyor belt -- repetitive movements - machine-like

Slightest distraction would disturb the possibly process of development When a bee circles, Chaplin inadvertently ignores a task and catch up he impedes fellow-workers. The manager, sitting at his workplace, orders a speed-up

Workers are simply an extension of equipment; robots

Stock strips all of them of their humankind.

What we observe in these moments is a parody of " Fordism. "

In 1914 Henry Honda had introduced the automatic assembly line, which led to unprecedented increases in productivity, and became standard procedure in most of the industrial world. Because of gigantic efficiency of his plants, Ford became the number one car maker in the world in spite of spending his workers unusually excessive wages. His show part plants were well lit, exceedingly clean, and personnel well cared for in terms of business housing, medical services, and all sorts of benefits. During 20s different car makers started to catch up and Ford was required to decide how being more competitive. One of these techniques was a general speed-up for his assembly lines. The already restricted supervision of the workers started to be stricter. Agents not allowed to talk to each other or walk when to water fountains or perhaps bathrooms. Unionism was categorically forbidden.

Tempo of production became at any time fiercer.

People who could not continue were pitilessly weeded away and fired. Fordism uncovered its bad sides (Dehumanizing) and Kia became debatable. Depiction of workplace suggests (supported simply by psychological research) mechanized professional production is unhealthy for workers, with odds together with the natural metabolic rate of humans Time cruelty, hurried tempo of creation, monotony of mindless work- damage to...

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