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Topic: В Writing task 1, Test one particular, IELTSВ 4. (rep cho bбєЎn timtoiВ[pic]) [pic]

The desk gives a break down of the several types of family who were living in lower income in Australia in 1999. On average, 11% of all homeowners, comprising nearly two milion people, were in this situation. However , all those consiting of only one parent or a one adult experienced almost double this proportion of the indegent, with 21% and 19% respectively. Couples generally very better off, with lower poverty levels to get couples devoid of children (7%) than those with children (12%). It is obvious that for both types of houshold with kids, a higher than average propotion were surviving in poverty currently. Older people were generally less likely to be poor, though once more the trend preferred elderly lovers (only 4%) rather than one elderly people (6%). Overall the table shows that households of single adults and those with childern had been more likely to become living in poverty than those consiting of couples. TASK you, WRITING TEST OUT 4, IELTS 6.

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The charts show the information about the volume of marriages and divorces in america from 70 to 2000 and the marital status of adults in America in 1970 and 2000. В В В В В В In the first chart, the quantity of marriages continued to be at 2, 5 hundreds of thousands from 1970 to 80. After that, there was clearly a steady fall in the amount of marriages in the USA from two, 5 large numbers in 1980 to 2 millions in 2000. The number of divorces better slightly via 1 mil in 1970 to about one particular, 4 thousands in 80 and then decreased steadily to at least one million in 2000. Through the period, the quantity of marriages was nearly two times as much as that of divorces. В В В В In the second chart, there was an increase in the proportion of adults who under no circumstances married from 15% in 1970 to twenty percent in 2150. The percentage of adults who also married decreased by about a lot more than 10% by 70% in the 1970s to nearly 60% in 2000. Concurrently, people who widowed made up roughly 8% in 1970 and then dropped to regarding 5% in 2000. Throughout the period, the proportion of people who single rose significantly from regarding 2% in the 1970s to almost 9% in 2000. Phrases: 201


The graph displays the United State and Japan's percentage of joblessness during the period from March 1993 to March 1999. As is shown by the graph, the rate of unemployed work force in the Combined State was much greater by 7%, when compared with 2 . 5% in The japanese. However , the unemployment percentage in the US began to decline little by little since Mar 1993, and reached by 5% during 1996. From their website on, this number continued to be roughly a similar – regarding 5% until March 99, although there had been minor is catagorized and soars in the lack of employment rate. In the meantime, after the three years period by March 1993 to 03 1996, the proportion of unemployment grew by 2%, dropped speedily by zero. 5% in 3 months later on, but coming from summer in 1996 that improved steadily to five per cent in 1999. General, the number of lack of employment people in the US decreased by 2% throughout the six years period, while that number in Japan increased by installment payments on your 5%. Therefore, the US and Japan had about five per cent of their work force unemployed in 1999. WRITING TEST OUT 3 (TASK 1), IELTS 1:

The graph and or chart shows the expenditure per person per week about fast foods in Britain. The graph displays the change in fast -- food consumption from 1970 to 1990. Inside the chart, through high income group, burgers hold the highest quantity of regarding 425 pence per person each week. It is followed by pizza which is approximately 20 pence as well as the lowest consumption is fish and potato chips which is around 17, 5 pence. There is a difference in average profits group in which hamburgers continue holding the highest amount which can be 33 pence per person each week while the least expensive quantity is definitely pizza which can be about 12 pence. Through this group, fish and chips which is 25 pence possess higher sum than that in excessive income group. In the last group which is low income, the greatest quantity is definitely fish and chips which is about 18 pence is definitely followed by...

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