Essay about An Evaluation of The Power to See Themselves

The written text " The strength to see Ourselves” shows a major breakdown from the importance of self-image and how managers change their particular self-concept and how they can develop and increase by getting through this process. When I read the textual content, there were many passages, through which I started out thinking about could fit to statements and just how I see personally in relation to these types of specific paragraphs. Right at the outset, when the author explains his level - the way you see ourself and how we behave for that reason – while using instances of two executives, I believed about the importance of the approach how you choose a point to others. People will certainly memorize most of your terms and will type an opinion about who you are. If you question me it is significant that you are comfortable concerning the behavior because only in this case you're going to be passed for confident by simply other people. For this reason I agree while using author that self-image is essential concerning the progress any person, especially managers. When I read the passage I also thought about the value of thinking about the consequences of the behavior. Just before a manager talks to his employees he should consider possible alternatives of their behavioral reaction on his speech. Only in that case they can make sure that that they react by doing so he desires them to react. Therefore this individual needs to know how they discover him and furthermore he really needs a realistic self-image. That's why I actually also go along with the author because point, although I think he should have described the thoughts about the outcomes in detail. Furthermore I think the writer is right regarding the conflict of self-concept. If I cogitate about situations in my life I sometimes victimized other people when I is at an unsatisfactory phase. Put simply I took my feeling out on these people. Nevertheless I felt sad about that later on and altered my patterns and so my self-concept. An important point to me is self-expectation. In my opinion an individual who has really large self-expectations...

Sources: Brouwer, S. J. (1964). The Power to view Ourselves. Harvard Business Assessment, Vol. forty two No . six, pp. 156-165.

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