Applying the Results and Conclusion of the Research Process Essay


Applying the Results and Conclusion from the Research Process

Barbara Ratcliff


Come july 1st 29, 2013

Judith Curry

Applying the Results and Conclusion of the Research Method

Medication problems are a key health care matter that can harm the patient being care for also resulting in death in some cases. With this country it truly is reported there are around several, 000 fatalities a year because of medication mistakes. This quantity could be possibly higher considering that many medication errors are not reported to get fear of disciplinary action. Many medication problems are the reaction to several different things like orders getting read incorrect, administration in the medication and the wrong serving being presented. When you are making use of the effects and bottom line of the exploration process for the study you are searching for you must consider if the data collection procedures applied were appropriate for the study. When it comes to medication problems with the infusion pump certainly the data collection was ideal the researchers collected info from a database accustomed to report every medication mistakes. The research workers looked at several different cases in which the infusion pump was designed wrong which is considered a great operator errors and several several cases in which the infusion pump malfunctioned which can be considered products errors. The researchers used the data source to collect their particular data and did not work with any personal data from the subject matter that were studied. Because not any personal information was used the subjects happen to be protected. The researchers applied a data source used for the specifically the goal of keeping track of the medication mistakes that are happening. The source of their data collection is a very trusted source. The medical field uses this repository on a regular basis for keeping record of many medication mistakes that happen every day from this country. The information analysis process was likewise appropriate for this study the researchers assessed the reported data for...

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