Seat Belt Will save you Lives Analysis Paper

General Purpose: To Persuade

Certain Purpose: To persuade the students that always put on seatbelt once in/or operating a vehicle. Central Idea: Within the seat belt can help you your life.

Attention/Introduction: Don't be a victim. Be a solution to the challenge. I have been a second-hand victim to this trouble. My kid hood closest friend was removed from me at the age group 17 in a fatal car crash. Two out of your four individuals survived that accident; both the that made it were using seatbelts. Day-to-day someone passes away in a crash simply from not putting on his or her seatbelt. From the research I have conducted, I have found that seat belt will save you lives, and the life you save might be the own.

Problem/Need: Everyday people are growing accustom to operating a vehicle without wearing a seatbelt. •People believe that just because they are traveling at low speeds or going on a brief trip that seatbelts usually are required. •I will never be within a crash; I am just a good drivers.

•Seatbelts are your one, most effective safety step which can be done to prevent critical injury or even worse death, in a car accident. ( •I'm sure many of us, which includes myself over look the value of wearing seatbelts. •According to the Countrywide Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) seatbelt use went up from 84% in 2009 to 85% completely. •Seat devices have kept more than seventy five, 000 lives from 2004-2008. •Forty-two percent of voyager vehicle occupants, killed in 2007, were unbelted. •The people that no longer wear seatbelts choose not to wear them since it feels not comfortable.

Solution: Have 5 secs to ensure that every passenger can be " Buckled up”. •In 2009, the NHTSA study estimated that more that you, 600 lives could be preserved and twenty-two, 000 traumas prevented if seatbelts employ was 90% in every condition. •Police in many states should pull you over and good you because of not wearing a seatbelt. •In cars they have mount seat belt alarms, where...

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