Afghan Location ProjectAp Man Geography Dissertation

Afghan Militia Bases

2. Classify the Dispute and Shape

* The Taliban happen to be Muslim fundamentalists, with a tight interpretation of Sharia law and a notorious treatment of women. 2. Afghanistan can be described as land locked nation-state within a compact condition. * This shares a border with Pakistan.

2. Pakistan can be an elongated state.

* The boundary between the two states is usually elongated.

2. Pakistan and Afghanistan happen to be separated with a desert.

* These features allow the conflict to continue since it is difficult to patrol and control. In addition , it is relatively very easy to sneak throughout. * A lot of people are recommending that the border be power down and that choppers with mounted machine weapons patrol the border and kill any person attempting to get across at an illegal location. 2. The polish capitol of Afghanistan, in Kabul, is segregated from many cities with a vast wasteland and it is difficult to control anything outside of the capitol. 5. Members with the Taliban cross between Afghanistan and Pakistan. * Type of State

* The people of Afghanistan have gone beneath several regimes yet stay as a nation-state. However , The U. And. Security Council warned that Afghanistan may possibly become a failed state because of growing Taliban violence, against the law drug development, and vulnerable government. 5. Despite the split between Taliban supporters and anti-Taliban moves, most Afghans are linked by a common religion, terrain, language, and history. * My Views

2. The main difficulties to endeing the issue include the layout of the area, terrain, and lack of organization, local politics and army power, and a clear target. * That stuff seriously it would be a smart idea to limit the access to the international border between the two countries, yet I accept that this will be very difficult to achieve successfully. Yet , if a patrol were to be started, the risk linked to crossing may possibly deter some individuals. * You will have no straightforward solution, nevertheless a...

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