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-Bolivians usually have " tea time" at about four or five in the evening (:! -Santa Cruz is known for its steakhouses


1 . The very best navigable pond in the world can be found in Bolivia by 3810 yards above ocean level (that's 12, 382. 5 toes above marine level. ) That's Lake Titicaca! It will require 6 several hours to combination it over a fast hydrofoil. It's also one of the deepest lakes in the world. installment payments on your The largest pay in of salt on the planet is additionally found in Republic of bolivia. contain more than 64 , 000, 000 tons of salt! (SALAR DE UYUNI) a few. The largest pay in of lithium in the world is found under all that salt! Read that right, it's buried under all that salt! Major battery suppliers are now interested in Bolivia since they want to get the li (symbol) to make long-lasting batteries for cars, cellular phones and more. That might be really great for our environment, however it would mean doing damage to part of Bolivia's biggest tourist attraction! four. Bolivia consists of 40% of ALL animal and plant life in the world! 5. warm rainforests and Pantanal Esturine habitat are some of one of the most biologically abounding ecosystems on the globe. 6. Bolivia has thirty-six native cultures and over twenty official 'languages' (NAME a few CULTUTES AND 3 STANDARD LANGUAGES) several. Bolivia is probably the top " mega-diverse" countries on our planet. Together, the mega-diverse countries contain more than 70% of all species recognized to humankind. In plant kinds Bolivia may be the 11th region in the world (over 20, 000 plant species). In vertebrate species it can be 10th in the world. In fowl species it really is 7th in the world and in butterflies species it truly is 4th on the globe (POST PICTURES OF EACH IN POSTER AND POINT) eight. The planet's largest butterflies sanctuary is found right here, in Santa Cruz Bolivia! (SAY THIS THE MOMENT POINTING IN BUTTERFLY PICTUREEEE) 9. Bolivia is home to the world's only known bolivianita mine. Bolivianita is a important stone or perhaps gem that is...

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