Chemical Rivalry Essay

Goal: To Inform

Matter: Chemical Combat


1) Chemical weapons are extremely toxic chemicals which vary from explosive tools. Middle ages and renaissance happen to be documented to have used poisonous chemicals about individuals. Chemical warfare is definitely use of chemical agents to kill or incapacitate the enemy.

2) Today I will let you know different chemical agents. As World Warfare I, various kinds agents have been completely developed into weaponry. These chemical substance weapons incorporate (I) Choking Agents

(II) Blister Agents

(III) Bloodstream Agents

(IV) Nerve Real estate agents

There are several factors for classifying a contaminant as a chemical weapon.


​(I) Choking Brokers

​ A) Delivered as a gas impair to the goal area

​ B) The inhalation with the vapor influences the immune system leading to fluids to formulate in the ​ 1) Chlorine Gas

2) Phosgene Gas

C) The result may be quick or usually takes up to three or more hours. A protective gas mask is a good defense.

One of the most painful agent to the human body might be Tender spot Agents

(II) Blister Agents

A) Delivered in liquid or perhaps vapor contact form

B) These kinds of agents burn up the skin, eye, windpipe and lungs. 1) Sulfur Mustard (Mustard Gas)

2) Lewisite

C) Safeguard requires gas mask and special above garment Yet , Blood Real estate agents affects are internal

(III) Blood Brokers

A) Provided in form of vapor

B) When inhaled these real estate agents block red blood from using oxygen, leading to body to asphyxiate.

​1) Hydrogen Cyanide

​2) Cyanogen Chloride

C) Protection needs gas cover up

The most deadly of all substance weapons will be nerve agents

(IV) Neural Agent

) Delivered in vapor and liquid type, affect the nervous system, that leads to respiratory system failure and paralysis of muscles. ) Symptoms include intense sweating, dimming of vision,...

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