Clarify the idea of Feedback upon Decision Making Article

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Block several - Section 3

1 ) Clarify the idea of feedback on decision making?

The idea of 'feedback' appeared from the part of systems thinking & this useful approach to consider both the part of information in decision-making & performance of an information program.

• The role of decision developer is to gather information on the problem of interest & use it to compare using the situation with what it wanted as defined by the decision maker's desired goals.

• Feedback cycle: Feed loop is sometimes named balancing loop since its function to keep situation in equilibrium. (Deviation in the desired express in one way balanced by an action in the opposite direction).

• Negative (balancing) feedback: advice about the outcome in the process has been fed returning to the beginning of the method in order to control it. For example , reducing expenditure when you acquire information that your spending is too high.

• Positive (reinforcing) feedback: reinforces the task & answering change. ‘Positive' because it serves to reinforce the effect, either as a viciousالفاسدة ring or a desired one.

installment payments on your Define the generic types of information it could be required upon decision making?

1 ) Internally generated (from accounting department... ) 2 . Externally generated(market research)

3. Formal(company documents)

5. Informal (from staff-e mail... )

a few. Ad hoc or regular

6. Analytical-subjective

six. From distinct sources: human, textual, electronic)

3. Explain the Evaluating Information process.

The overall performance of the info itself probably judged using the information quality criteria of relevance, stability & robustness: Relevance: info is relevance when the beneficiary is able to make use of it to perform more effectively than would be possible devoid of it. Essential the information is definitely will depend on the extent where it impacts the activity with the recipient. Dependability: reliable...

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