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п»їSome bacteria trigger more serious condition than others, but only a few are responsible for the majority of instances. Below is definitely information regarding nine prominent bacteria. Campylobacter jejuni

Located: В intestinal tracts of animals and parrots, raw dairy, untreated drinking water, and manure sludge. Transmitting: В contaminated water, raw milk, and organic or under-cooked meat, chicken, or shellfish. Symptoms: В fever, headache, and muscle discomfort followed by diarrhea (sometimes bloody), abdominal soreness and nausea that seem 2 to five days after you eat; may last 7 to 10 times. Clostridium botulinum

Found: В widely distributed in nature: in soil and water, on plants, in addition to intestinal tracts of family pets and fish. Grows simply in minimum oxygen. Indication: В bacteria create a toxin that triggers illness. Incorrectly canned food, garlic in oil, and vacuum-packaged and tightly draped food. Symptoms: В toxin affects the nervous system. Symptoms usually look within 18 to thirty six hours, although can sometimes look within as little as 4 hours or perhaps as many as 8 days after eating; double eyesight, droopy eyelids, trouble speaking and ingesting, and problems breathing. Perilous in several to week if not really treated. Clostridium perfringens

Found:  soil, dust particles, sewage, and intestinal tracts of family pets and human beings. Grows simply in little or no oxygen. Transmission:  called " the cafeteria germ” because many breakouts result from meals left for long periods in steam desks or in room temp. Bacteria ruined by preparing food, but some toxin-producing spores may possibly survive. Symptoms:  diarrhea and gas discomfort may appear 8 to 24 hours after eating; usually previous about one day, but significantly less severe symptoms may continue for one to two weeks. Escherichia coli O157: H7

Located: В intestinal tracts of a few mammals, uncooked milk, unchlorinated water; one of many strains ofВ E. coliВ that might cause human illness. Transmission: В contaminated water, organic milk, natural or uncommon ground meat, unpasteurized apple juice or cider, uncooked fruits and vegetables; person-to-person....

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