Coming to America Research Conventional paper

Coming to America

Some people that live in the United States are certainly not originally via America. The immigrants that contain arrived through the years have been judged and discriminated. Many Americans have misconceptions of immigrant and they believe that we certainly have come here in order to laws and cause chaos. When in reality, they look for a better lifestyle for themselves and their families. Foreign nationals that have come over have battled just like any other person so why light beer getting the little finger pointed in them.

One reasons why some immigrants have come to America is because of economic problems. Consider that the U. S. is a brand new beginning. Emily's mom for an example; she came to America not so sure they language, without any economic support, and came exclusively. She were required to find her way and depend on himself. The reason why your woman came was to find work and reel in income to her family that was in Mexico.

However , other folks come to America several reasons. Just like during the 1960s, the " Bracero” program brought more than Mexican labors to the Us to work in farms and other industries. Perform to this program; many workers decide to stay illegally. Crista's grandfather, Jeronimo Garcia, arrived at the U. S with this program. He previously come to work to send money back to his relatives in Zacatecas. At the young age of 28 he returned to Zacatecas, and got wedded. Once having been married, this individual and his family members had relocated to San Luis Rio Co. He had gone back to the U. S to work, so he would be able to bring his family towards the United States. In 1970, him fantastic family had become American citizens and began to live the American Dream for generations to come.

Even though, immigrants have done a lot with this country they can be still seemed as nothing. They have gone through so many studies to come live the " American Dream” but some are impeded to live their very own dream as a result of negative treatment they obtain by the American society. A large number of people have a misinterpretation of...

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