Data Protection Act 98 and Reply Learning Result Essay

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Learning Final result 1 – Understand the principles and procedures of evaluation 1 . 5 Identify the regulations and requirements tightly related to the evaluation in own area of practice Our policies for management of analysis evidence eg portfolios, assessment records, statement records, physical evidence, novice and experience statements; administration of examination records, are all in accordance with the information Protection Act (2003). We use the Act's mandatory recommendations to help all of us protect the personal data all of us hold and/ or procedure. All job and data is processed fairly and lawfully and obtained and used simply for specified and lawful functions. It is made clear to the learners that we simply keep adequate, relevant rather than excessive information so as to retain accurate information that provides an up to date record that we do not keep longer than required. All evaluation information is usually processed in accordance with the person's rights and kept safeguarded with the admin team who, all the while, offer learners while using opportunity to obtain to see the details public government bodies hold information in line with the liberty of information action (2000)

The storage and retrieval details is pass word protected when ever online/ digital, and beneath lock and key once physical. The confidentiality with the data is usually paramount and our usage of technology to share information with relevant celebrations eg students, other assessors, employer, colleagues, organisation must abide by our protocol before it is regarded as. The college comes after regulations covering up sharing of assessment/ private information following Ofqual's lead even as we protect the interests of learners and promoting ‘public confidence in the national qualifications system' (Ofqual, 2008, p3) through our thorough and rigorous approach to safeguarding information. By following these kinds of procedures the college follows the...

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