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Academic Assistance

1 . Name of Firm: Christian House Education Fellowship (CHEF) of Alabama, Inc Contact Person: N/A

Talk about: P. U. Box 20208, Mongomery, AL 36120-0208

Phone: (334) 288-7229

Fax: (205) 333-8672

Email: [email protected] org


Description: this home school education institute supplies the Christian house education.

2 . Brand of Business: Alabama Homeschooling Academy

Contact Person: Sonya Bowman

Address: 5115 Mays Bend Road, Pell Town, AL 35128

Telephone: (205) 525-5437

Fernkopie: (205) 814-9213

Email: В [email protected] net


Information: this is the educational assistance school which offers university plays, regular monthly field outings, parties and so forth the cost of this school is just $225 per year pertaining to the 1st child of the family and $112. 5 per year for each added child.

3. Name of Organization: Alabama Hope Academy

Contact Person: N Eberhart

Talk about: 235 Cover Road, Mentone, AL 35984

Telephone: (256) 418-4125

Email: В [email protected] org


Explanation: Hope Schools provides the home school services which gives complete freedom to the father and mother to choose any curriculum, slowly move the children whenever or wherever you like. The services offered at a very affordable.

Anger Managing

4. Term of Corporation: Family Solutions Center

Get in touch with Person: N/A

Address: Family members Services Center, Frank Morales, M. S., CAMF, six-hundred St . Evident Avenue, Bldg. 3, Huntsville, ALВ 35801 Telephone: 256-551-1610

E-Mail: В e-mail: [email protected] org

Site: В

Explanation: Family Providers Center is known as a community centered center which usually tries to enhance the relatives bond by giving a number of services which also include Anger supervision.

five. Name of Organization: Exchange Club Family Center

Contact Person: Lydia Pettijohn

Talk about: 601 Bel Air Blvd. Mobile, ING

Telephone: 251-479-5700

Email: [email protected] net

Site: N/A

Information: This anger management system emphasizes on the anger managing of parents. This system helps the fogeys to understand their children's habit in different circumstances and devise ways to reduce the anger from the parents.


6th. Name of Organization: Arc of The state of alabama

Contact Person: Thomas W. Holmes

Talk about: 300 To the south Hull Street, Montgomery, ING 36104

Mobile phone: 334 262 7688

Email: [email protected] com


Description: it really is volunteer centered organization composed of people having some perceptive and developing disabilities. Arc of Alabama represent individuals with such problems since 1957. It is associated with United States greatest organization focusing on this constituency, The Arc of the United States and with Community Health Charitable organizations of Alabama.

several. Name of Organization: Autism Asperger Syndrome Consulting Group Contact Person: Kerry Mataya

Address: 3985 Parkwood Street, Suite 109-144, Bessemer, APPROACH 35022 Telephone: 205 572 1143

Fax: 866 477 9816

Email: [email protected] com


Description: Autism Asperger Affliction Consulting Group (AASCG) provides services of intervention to adults, teenagers and children who are suffering with Asperger Syndrome and PDD-NOS. the organization offers the services of faculty consultation, behavior modification along with school cultural skills group etc .

8. Identity of Business: Glenwood Autism & Behavioral Health Centre Contact Person: Casey Coleman

Address: one hundred and fifty Glenwood Street, Birmingham, APPROACH 35242

Cell phone: 205 969 2880

Fax: 205 795 3383

Email: [email protected] org


Description: it is a non-profit organization established in 1974 to support and take care of the individuals who are suffering with Autism, mental illness and emotional hindrance. It is positioned in Birmingham, The state of alabama...

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