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The Integration of religion and Learning

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VU-2100 Trust and Learning


Effectively integrating beliefs and learning is important and necessary in a Christian University. I will be discussing the concepts utilized in integrating the faith in our learning. I will contact on four main principles that I have discovered over the last week which actually brought some clarity in my experience as to the importance of integrating in contrast to interaction.

The mixing of Faith and Learning

A staple in Christian Colleges and Universities is the integration of faith and learning. They may have intertwined two of the most important portions of human lifestyle that are the basis for peaceful life and a successful career, they are hope and learning. Learning these two elements provides head start that students require in order to encounter a world of several challenges and obstacles. The Christian College does not merely talk about them and never really putting these people together rather they are make use of synonymous of just one another. The best Christian College has several suggested strategies that will integrate faith and learning they may be, " the attitudinal strategy, the honest approach, the foundational strategy, and the worldview approach” (Holmes, 1975).

First and foremost, the Christian college student, the professor, plus the institution itself will participate in the attitudinal approach to the mixing of faith and learning. Students has to be within a place within just and without their particular heart in which they are happy to accept the role as being a Christian novice, that means staying open to most facets of the mixing process. " Education must be an work of love, of worship, of stewardship, a wholehearted response to God” (Holmes, 1975, l. 49). This perspective in learning clears the student to look inside them. The institution plus the professor have the responsibility to motivate the Christian learner. Holmes says, " The faculty must as a result...

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