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" Is a conspiracy theory identified primarily by simply its inner narrative qualities or by simply its external discursive situation? " The answer to this quote is because the term " conspiracy theory theory” is definitely not a simple descriptor; it is commonly implemented as a term of disqualification for narratives that may, prove qualities, deserve thought. Additional, when mounted on a writer or thinker, it " conspiracy theorist” can carry a pity similar in kind (if not degree) to that experienced by these designated " mentally unwell. ” I actually don't think which i am weird that much mainly because I do not have to believe the other people claim about their hypotheses. I see others paranoid although every day. I do believe some conspiracy theorist could have a bad rap because people tend not to like what they have to say. One example is 9/11 people say terrorist flew in to the twin towers. Conspiracy theorist say there where bombs planted through the building and that the attack was plotted by our own government. Of course this really is going to offer these people a negative rap. If our culture believes our government can be attacking us and they no longer want to think it's the case then it comes back on the conspiracy theorist giving him a bad hip hop. I do acknowledge America much more paranoid after that other countries because of the media hype of conspiracy theories just like sandy catch, 9/11, and all the fatalities of highly successful people like Tupac, and JFK. Other countries may have more problems than us just like war and food and water plus they need more support than us, so why will be we the methods paranoid plus they are not. In my opinion this shows America has only a few things to believe and one of those things being conspiracy theories. different countries have to worry about sustaining a your life and living when Americans are thinking is definitely Tupac genuinely dead? Are these claims right for us to think like that? Do we really have problems throughout the U. S.?

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