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Amazing Heads

Amazing Heads began in 1985 to manufacture, distribute and market pharmaceutical drug soft drinks. It had been purely an Indian firm and had to handle tough competition coming from multinational businesses during the primary years. The business in last decade, with the aid of effective market strategies, provides a place for by itself, amongst leading pharmaceutical corporations in the country.

In 1995, the managing representative of the business stressed the advantages of diversification and addition of recent products its existing range of products. He sailed the idea of making and promoting coffee with milk, coca and sugar. His advisors suggested that such goods, enriched with cocoa, can be desirable and should be a big success, especially in view of its competitor's brand. Advertising research division of the business also offered the green transmission to the project after executing a brief study.

The company offered its Choco-coffee brand name. It had been supplied in a 400gram load up at the cost of Rs. 74/-. The item was greatly advertised in newspapers, wellness magazines, radio and tv. The target audience was middle class who have it was believe that could afford ‘Choco – coffee. ' The ordinary coffee was available in the market at the rate of Rs 30 to Rs. 40/-. The drive of Choco-coffee in the promotion campaign is that this caffeine contains cacao, milk and sugar.

The company has 40 stockists covering the entire nation with a sales force of about one hundred and fifty representatives, for promoting usana products, through supermarkets and retailers. To promote the coffee, their representatives offered discount per packet of 400 grams. The structure continued for approximately six months.

Inspite of heavy ad and canvassing by it is representatives, the item was not able to atteract clients. It was discovered that starting of this item did not affect the market position of different branded coffee at all that has been being sold for Rs. 90/- for packs of. 275 gm. Alternatively, it was discovered that...

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