Essay on Gsce epping forest homework

Why is generally there a

ought to use



ways of

manage amusement

and travel in

Epping forest?

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 Introduction


 Ideas


 Epping forest management aims 5

 Epping forest management objectives 6

 Hypothesis you


 Hypothesis two


 Hypothesis several


 Background information


 Why is there a purpose to use distinct strategies and why? 10

 More modern types of management doze

 History of Epping forest


 Location of Epping forest


 Methodology


 Data presentation

of sixteen

 Results


 levels of plants for 5 metres


 Summary


 Evaluation

twenty two


Alexander Jay-J Achebe



My aim is to identify why different strategies

are more comfortable with manage tourism in Epping

forest. The objective of this coursework is to

find out about the impact which usually visitors

have had on Epping Forest, and how the

effect is being maintained and lowered.

Epping Forest has pastime, aesthetic

and educational values, thus is a perfect

place for visitors(tourists).

I feel that extensive damage offers probably

recently been caused towards the environment due to the

large number of British tourists, in fact it is

with this coursework, which i will try to find

out whether or not the local government will be

effectively conserving Epping forest.


Alexander Jay-J Achebe



I have many hypotheses which i will

measure/investigate, that will help me personally

answer my aim:

I have been using these hypotheses because they

will help myself discover perhaps the

management tactics are successfully


•  The volume of garden soil erosion will decrease

with distance through the main footpath

• Herb height and variety will be greater the

further away from the primary footpath

• The administration strategies work in

managing visitor amounts and tourist's



Alexander Jay-J Achebe


Hypothesis you

I have decided to measure dirt erosion(near the footpath) as my initial hypothesis. I have chosen to look into soil erosion because one of the government's is designed is....... ‘To restore and thereafter take care of the forest flatlands, meadows and other grasslands and heaths in favourable conditions. '

Simply by investigating the degree of soil chafing, I will discover whether the government's management strategies are effective ‘To restore and thereafter conserve the forest plains, meadows and�

other grasslands and heaths in good conditions. '

I predict that the degree of exposed top soil will lower further away from the main footpath; this happens because there is significantly less human activity somewhere else. There is greater tourism activity near the main footpath, because there are public facilities such as lavatories and cafes.

Also nearer the main footpath, there are auto parking spaces ( visitors wish to area their cars nearby and easily accessible places). All these things will cause the topsoil to decorate away/erode. Many people can walk, manage and drive across lawn areas; which causes the rate of abrasion to increase. Recently there has been the development of donkey-rides.

The donkeys travel near the footpath, and their hooves wear away the grass/soil. The benefits for this hypothesis will help me personally answer my personal aim since it will tell me if the managing strategy, pertaining to topsoil erosion, is effective or ineffective.


Alexander Jay-J Achebe


Hypothesis a couple of

I have chosen to measure plant height and variety as my own

second hypothesis. I have decided to investigate grow

diversity mainly because one of the government's aims is definitely... ‘To boost wildlife worth, increase the strength

diversity and thereafter maintain within a favourable

condition the forests secondary woodland and scrub,

scrub-grass mosaics, glades, Green Lanes and road

batons. '

I predict that plant selection will be increased away from the course. I say this kind of because close to the footpath many tourist

actions happen(e. g. ball game titles, football, picnics, etc). As tourist perform...

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