Gung-Ho Video and Hofstede Essay


Gung-Ho is a motion picture about the takeover of an American car factory in Hadleyville, Philadelphia by a Japanese people company. The term Gung Ho is a Oriental expression pertaining to " operate together” which can be what the film is about. While the People in america and Japanese people attempt to communicate the audiences are able to start to see the cross-cultural disputes and huge uncertainty that happen throughout the film because of the differences in culture, work attitude, managing styles, and values between two countries. The movie likewise goes on to show us exactly what both countries imagine each other. All of this is brought to you in a really funny and forgiving approach where we come across at the end from the movie the two sides get together and acquire a common aim. The movie is incredibly informative with regards to doing business in different countries. I will go over this kind of movie by a modern business research point of view. The film will help people imagine the fundamental multicultural concerns, particularly the principles of Geert Hofstede.

Hofstede has five categories of ethnical values. Individualism versus Collectivism, Power Distance, Uncertainty Prevention, Masculinity and Femininity, and Long versus Short Term Alignment. These beliefs are all referred to, easily seen and realized in this video.

As found throughout the motion picture the Us citizens are described as and frequently called particular. This is because Us citizens like to think of themselves while specialized against the Japanese whom, we are reminded of frequently throughout the film, think of firm before they think of themselves. This is what Hofstede calls Individuality versus Collectivism.

When it comes to individualism, persons in the United States possess very high worth in individualism. This is mentioned over and over inside the movie. A good example of this is when a north american worker wonderful Japanese supervisor have an discussion over how come the American has to discover ways to do every single job inside the factory. The Japanese boss...

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