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File: ch01, Phase 1: The World of Projects RVJ Changes By 2006 Modified by Dwayne Whitten -- July, 2008 Multiple Decision 1 . The growing with regard to a broad variety of complex, superior, customized goods and services would have what type of the next implications to get the administration of tasks in modern organizations a) Project managers are responsible for making detailed technological decisions b) Project managers should count on the use of groups to program and perform projects c) Most jobs will be performed using subcontractors d) The style of a project solution should always be frosty early inside the planning method Ans: m Response: Consider intro section Level: convenient 2 . Recognize the case in point that would not really usually be described as a project. a) Building a car b) Having a computer software application program c) Designing a new product d) Installing new equipment within an existing creation line Ans: a Response: While it is true that automobiles have an element of modification, process managing techniques are used to mass-produce the vehicles. Consider the section titled " Non Assignments and phony projects. ” Level: intermediate 3. In line with the authors, the best objectives of project managing are cost, time and a) Schedule b) Quality c) Customer satisfaction d) Performance Ans: d Response: Refer to Determine 1 -- 1 . Level: easy some. The term " program” refers to an exceptionally huge, long-range target that is separated into a set of ________. a) Tasks b) Projects c) Subprojects d) Campaigns Ans: b Response: Refer to section 1 . 1 ) Level: convenient 5. Five attributes that characterize a project include: a) Purpose, duplication, interdependencies, regularity, uncertainty b) Lifecycle, routine, cost, uncertainty, independence c) Performance, lifecycle, uniqueness, issue, interdependencies d) Purpose, lifecycle, conflict, conviction, independence Ans: c Response: Refer to section 1 . 1 ) Level: easy 6. The mission from the _________ is always to...

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