Essay upon Irrigation


The following systems of irrigation are suitable for the Indian topography 1 . Reservoir irrigation

2 . Canal water sources

3. Well and tube-well irrigation


A tank is simply a depressive disorder formed for the surface of the earth by simply naturally or perhaps artificially to maintain the water because they build a bund around or possibly a side with the depression. If the tank can be nearer or on the way from the stream in the river it is easy to store this particular. CONDITIONS TO GET TANK IRRIGATION:

1 . Land should have a great undulating relief feature so that depression could possibly be available 2 . should have a tough layered rock and roll and small percolation of water in order that water can be retained for a long period 3. nearness of the water course to ensure that water may be easily completed the major depression AREAS FULLFILLING THE ABOVE CIRCUMSTANCES:

Most elements of peninsular india especially many areas of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh, far eastern parts of karnataka, eastern Madhya Pradesh, east Maharashtra as well as parts in north india. ADVANTAGES OF TANK IRRIGATION:

1 ) Most of the containers are organic and do not require heavy expense for their building. 2 . possibly an individual farmer can include his very own tank.

several. tanks are often constructed upon rocky foundation and have for a longer time life span. four. in many tanks fishing is likewise carried on. This supplements both the food assets and cash flow of the player. DISADVANTAGES OF TANK IRRIGATION:

1 . many tanks dry up during the dry out season and fail to provide irrigation in the next needed the most. 2 . silting of the fish tank bed is actually a serious problem and it requires desilting in frequent intervals. several. evaporation damage is very high.

4. some times it is difficult to take normal water from reservoir to the irrigation field as a result of hard mountain. CANAL IRRIGATION

Canals are man-made stations for stream of normal water.


1 . regions of low and level comfort so that drinking water flow would be by the gravitation force installment payments on your deep smooth rock part so that apretado excavation can be easy...

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