Samsung S4 Essay

Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile is a new product launched in Mar 2013. I believe this product will succeed in the long run in the marketplace. S4 has been already sold 10, 000, 1000 units in 2 months, even break the record of virtually any products in Samsung. We can tell how success with this product. S4 really help Samsung take full advantage of their income.

Indisputably, S4 is very similar with S3, nevertheless the sales volume is retain increasing. Out of this, we can see Korean has many royals customers, they actually repeat buy. Many brands spend various afford to develop royalty software, as it is the ultimate way to maximize companies' profit. Vips customers not only do repeat purchase, they do as well " sell” products to their friends and families. It is not necessarily hard to see why S4 is very popular today.

In addition, of course there are plenty of initial buy customers. Whenever we ask people what designs of mobile have you any idea, we can discover all of them know " Samsung”. We know coming from decision method model, ahead of we buy a good, we need to search for information, and that we do search from our internal information 1st. As Samsung korea is already been saved inside our memories, persons would carry out more research about the phone's information if they wish to buy S4.

I really believe most of us can recall the S4 ad, it has a new function – we can get next page without holding the screen. We might not want this function, but it can wake up our curiosity. Whenever we go to accomplish this function in retail retailers or search the information from internet, it might affect our ideal states – our existing phone is pretty outdated, might be buy a fresh phone.

Samsung shops have become available in Hong Kong, the outlets of course only sell The samsung company products, and S4 must be there too. When we carry out purchase, we might influence by the salesperson – they might sales other brands to us rather than the brand which in turn we wanted to buy. If we go to Samsung shop, the sales rep must know these products details perfectly and advise their products to us. It can reduce...

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