Essay upon Literary Analysis Upon The Burning Of O

Kaytlin Woollen

Kim Harper

Essay One

October nineteen, 2014

Three Existence Lessons

Literary Evaluation of " Upon the burning up of our House”

" Fire, Open fire! ” these are the cries that woke the poet Anne Bradstreet one common night and changed her life permanently. The fire influenced the composition " Passages Upon the burning up of our House”. This poem is drafted from her personal knowledge and representation, which is a hallmark of her work. She's often referred to as Many first " authentic” female poet. She expresses her suffering to God, but writes of at least three lifestyle lessons the girl learned since she watched her house turn ashes. Anne Bradstreet is a Puritan wife and mother of eight kids living in the seventeenth 100 years. (Piercy 17) In many of her poetry she portrays the struggles of being a Puritan female and in the poem ‘Upon the Burning of the House” it can be no diverse. Anne shows back to that dreadful night time when the girl could bum, but helplessly watch her house burn off, taking all her worldly belongings with this. She grieves the loss of these possessions then quickly scolds herself intended for forgetting that as a Puritan, there is a much greater reward awaiting her in heaven. (Richardson) This is obvious in lines 54-55 where Bea writes, " The world no longer let me like, my wish and value lies above. ” During these lines, she refers to the scripture inside the bible that encourages believers to store up their pieces in bliss, not on earth. (textbook) Is obviously lesson leading, Bradstreet knows that within this terrible night wealth does not come from the things gain on the planet, but true riches will be in nirvana. She explains heaven in Stanzas 43-48 as a long lasting establishment, a majestic home with high-priced furnishings all paid for by simply God. (textbook) Bradstreet constantly acknowledges Our god throughout this poem. Although, these are her last words in the composition, many authorities believe your woman struggles with this damage. Bradstreet's house was very important to...

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