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Name: Sunshine A. Facistol

Program: BSBA-Financial Managing

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Date Published: November 06, 2014

Active Session #1: Management


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Management Information Systems " Managing the Digital Firm” Kenneth C. Laudon as well as Jane S. Laudon

1 . 0 Case Study Questions:

CSQ #1:

What kinds of application are described here?

What organization functions carry out they support?

How do that they improve detailed efficiency and decision making?

ChainLinq Mobile can be an application designed for motorists that improvements shipment details, collects signatures, and provides global positioning system (GPS) tracking to each box this delivers. The business enterprise function that they can support may be the innovation. That they improve their information technology to become even more competitive and to monitor the company efficiency.

CSQ #2: Identify the issues that businesses in this case examine solved by making use of mobile digital devices.

The challenge are how can they operate the business away of your bank and how they can received and delivered the knowledge of the clients.

CSQ #3: What kinds of companies are most likely to benefit from equipping their workers with cellular digital equipment such as iPhones, iPads, and BlackBerrys?

Almost all business, since employees have to communicated to one another for the better bring about every procedure they do.

CSQ #4: D. W Morgan's CEO is, " The iPhones is usually not a game changer, it can an industry player. It changes the way that you may interact with customers and together with your suppliers. ” Discuss the implication of this statement.

This kind of statement says that iPhone are not for gaming however for the market or for business. Because it is designed for communication.

installment payments on your 0 MIS IN ACTION

Explore the Web site to get the Iphone, the Apple iPad, the BlackBerrys, and Motorola Droid, and then answer the subsequent questions:

1 ) List and describe the capabilities of each and every of these products and give samples of how they could possibly be used by businesses.

These technologies are turns into a web browser, a mobile phone, a camera, music or video gamer, an email and messaging machine. It could be personalized and enhanced with solid security for some business. These types of technologies received and shipped message or perhaps email wherever you are. It's accustomed to communicate to one another, to doc anything that is happen, to monitor the business, to collect details and etc.

installment payments on your List and describe three downloadable business applications for every single device and describe their very own business rewards.

Salesforce, iTimeSheet and WebEx are one of many downloadable organization applications you can use in business. A worldwide web-based software program and cloud computing firm best known for its customer romance management (CRM) product. Salesforce was focuses primarily on software like a service (SaaS) to help users handle all their business needs just like managing marketing plans, analyzing efficiency, and monitoring spending and sales. ITimeSheet is a poweful timesheet program that helps you track time spent of projects. The goal of iTimeSheet is to allow you to record your activities in less than 4 minutes thanks to a brilliant interface. And last, WebEx is a company that gives on-demand effort, online conference, web webinar and videoconferencing applications.

Term: Sunshine A. Facistol

Program: BSBA-Financial Administration

Section/Schedule: 4A/[email protected]

Date Posted: November summer, 2014

Fun Session #2: Technology


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Managing Information Systems " Managing the Digital Firm” Kenneth C. Laudon / Her P. Laudon

1 . 0 Case Study Inquiries:

CSQ #1: What are the inputs, finalizing, and results of UPS's package traffic monitoring system?

The input from the UPS's bundle tracking method is the scannable-bar coded packaging which is placed on...

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