Miss Essay

Aleksandra Ceramica


Case Study 1

1 . 4

Two examples of physical indicators;

Kelly saw bruises on Barbara's wrists. In addition, she noticed that Barbara's face was slightly inflammed.

Two samples of behavioural indications;

Barbara was defenceless, not able to communicate. Your woman was taken and did not respond to connection. 1 . your five

What action should be used;

Kelly will need to tell Barbara that your woman saw that something bad had took place to Barbara. She need to tell Barbara, that the girl must advise manager about it. Kelly should inform to manager of Nursing Proper care Home about her observations. 1 . 6th

Boundaries of confidentiality. The moment and who Kelly ought to share data. Kelly should not to talk to another else regarding her findings. She will need to divide this info only with manager. She should be concrete floor, don't talk about details that happen to be needless. Your woman should relate only details, not suspecting.

Case Study 2

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Two examples of physical indicators;

Clairette has regarded Adam as nine weeks. He was lively and content boy previously, but now this individual often appears tired and quiet. Also Claire seen finger signifies on Adam's cheek.

Two types of behavioural indicators;

Claire seen, that Hersker is wary of teacher (adult) contact. He is also taken, doesn't want to play having a another children.

1 . a few

What action should be taken;

Claire should share her observation with manager

1 ) 6

Boundaries of privacy. When and who Kelly should talk about information. Claire should advise manager about changes which in turn she seen with Adam's behaviour and physical indicators. She ought not to talk to an additional else regarding this situation. Clairette shouldn't share her observation with another members of staff, patents etc .

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