Choosing your theorist and theory Essay

Very much research and thought have been put into our school's courses to meet the needs of countless diverse students. Throughout period, theorists are suffering from any theories that we, because educators, continue to use to this day. Because of their advantages, we have been furnished with the best educational tools to cultivate fresh minds today. Every educator has their individual opinion as to what theory they presume is best.

Following reading different theories, there is one in particular that I truly believe as the most beneficial which is The Behaviorism Theory. " Behaviorism theory, also known as behavioral psychology is actually a theory of learning relying on the idea that most behaviors will be acquired through conditioning” (Cherry, 2011). M. F Skinner and Ruben B. Watson are the two creators from the behaviorism theory. They explained that creation included discovered behaviors. These learned behaviors are based on positive and negative experiences into their everyday conditions.

Every single action contains a consequence. I do believe that's a way to look at how children find out over time. One example is; when I was teaching for a different Little one's Center, there was clearly a little girl who would cry nonstop right up until I or somebody else picked her up. All of us believed that at her house, the moment she cried, someone would be there quickly to pick her up. Your woman never learned how to home soothe and knew that crying would get her the attention she desired. She discovered this tendencies at home and brought this to school with her, pondering it would work there. The girl had hardly ever been taught that sobbing wasn't a method to get what you want. It was the responsibility for school in order to that behavior. Instead, We would say directly to her, kneeling down to be on her level, " Let me talk to you when you use the words and massive girl voice to tell me what you want”. Over time, your woman learned that crying wasn't receiving her the interest she needed. She chose to take the approach I presented her instead. This eventually worked out the best for...

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