Essay on Prostitution

For just one night, I was a Prostitute

I knew my own standpoint regarding prostitution in the very beginning and spent several weeks trying to find the very best arguments to aid my perspective, however no matter how much details I go through, I felt that there is something important missing. I desired more than details; I wanted in order to understand how it is to be in moccasins of a street worker, because in reality, the majority of us arguing to get or against legalization of prostitution cannot relate to the every day life of 1. So I determined that I could be a prostitute for the night. A night is too few to know just how it is to walk in a love-making workers shoes, but I was hoping that it would give me enough information to understand this issue better. One night 3 weeks ago I was sitting at a bus remain in the corner of Santa claus Monica and Vermont, a street in Los Angeles where many prostitutes find their clients. I had formed enlisted a pair of my nearest male close friends as safeguard, in case of any kind of danger that might come out of my own experiment, and they were properly positioned in an auto across the street via me. Although I had no intention of performing any intimate favors in exchange for money, I used to be feeling extremely nervous and anxious, present in high heel shoes and a dress, which was incredibly out of place compared to the tiny outfits on the three women and a male transvestite standing not very far from me personally. It took me personally about half an hour to gather enough courage to interact in a short conversation with one of the girls. Her name was Canon, was in her early thirties and informed me she was a " working” woman for three years now. The lady asked me easily was new, since the girl had not viewed me about before. As being a terrible divagar, I told her the truth, My spouse and i am right here to do some research. She gave me a glance up and down after which laughed at me, " Yeah, an individual really outfit like us” and then went away. That was the just conversation I had formed during my four hours like a prostitute. During this period I received two invitations from males driving move the shuttle bus stop. We didn't need to push my own luck and encourage these invites therefore i just appeared the additional way every time a car passed by. At 4 a. m. Choice I had acquired enough and went house. My experience that night comes no way close to the real life of any prostitute, and the feelings I had formed sitting there, are most likely a tiny fraction of what goes through the brain of a avenue worker every evening. Truth is, I had been scared away of my thoughts. The fear of obtaining arrested when trying to cope with the judgmental stares of folks driving by simply, as well as the cold of the night time was excessive for me, and I can only imagine the desperation any kind of woman need to feel to endure these conditions plus the dangers that comes with, such as chaotic crimes, sexually transmitted conditions and drug abuse. It is secure to say that working on the streets is definitely not a enjoyable environment for virtually any person, the focus lies on the ethical issues with the sex industry, and very little is done to help the women which might be currently working in this unsafe environment. Whatever one considers prostitution, we have to realize that costly occupation because old because civilization and will most likely hardly ever cease to exist. By legalizing prostitution in varieties of controlled brothels, we would be able to provide a safer environment for everyone involved.

Many people that are against legalization of prostitution claim that legalization will immediately contribute to a moral down fall in contemporary society. It will send out the wrong communication that sex work is acceptable. I believe that the thinking behind this kind of logic is directly related to the taboo of love-making. The libido of people, and more so women, has always been seen upon with additional scrutiny than that of males. A woman whom enjoys sex is often regarded as a bad girl, with or perhaps without the exchange of money. It appears that not many people would in fact consider there are women who enter the business by own decision, simply because they do enjoy love-making. These ladies often truly feel condemned...

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