Reciprocating Converter Essay

International Journal of Clinical & Executive Research Volume level 3, Issue 4, April-2012 ISSN 2229-5518


Style, Modeling and Analysis Of Double

Performing Reciprocating Compressor


S. K. Jadhao, K. T. Jadhao, S i9000. S. Bhagwat

Abstract: Todays concept of automation has increased the usage of compressed air flow in every field of industrial life. An attempt have been made to design and style double acting air compressor with an objective to provide the operating pressure required for pneumatic tools within less time taken by single acting compressor to create the same pressure of being unfaithful kg/cm2 by 925 rpm of converter for piston displacement of 21. 4 cfm. M asic component of double behaving reciprocating compressor are designed. The

modeling, and analysis of double acting reciprocating compressor were made by using CATIAV5R10 software. In theory, all the components are found to work inside safe tension limits.. Key term: D ouble Acting L eciprocating C ompressor, Anxiety Analysis, Materials Properties, CATIAV5R10, Failure Method.

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Compressed air is used in Atmosphere refrigeration, air conditioning

of large building for cleaning purposes, great time furnaces,

bore wells, spray painting, in super charging IC

search engines and gas turbines, starting of IC engines, gasoline

atomizers, compressed air can be widely used in braking

approach to automobiles, railway coaches, carriages etc .

and the list is endless where compressed air flow is used.

In fact today, we discover it is substantially used in most fields

of application because of Wide availability of fresh air.

Compressibility, Easy transportability of compressed

air in pressure ship, containers and long piping., Fire – proof attributes of the moderate. High degree of

controllability of pressure. The detail research of different

types of air compressor is very much essential. The current

study is focused with the study of double operating

reciprocating air compressors. The advantage of double

acting compressor is that that delivers nearly double

pressurized air (almost in half time) which will save you time

and money of the user. The goal for the present study is

to replace the single acting compressor by dual

acting converter which builds 9 kg/cm2

compressed atmosphere on the basis of the tools used in the

industries which can be operated using a

maximum pressure of 9 kg/cm2. The analysis is focused

on the compressor available in Manoj electric motor mechanic

and servicing centre Pusad, which is used for drinking water

serving and in addition for the tyre remolding with the

pursuing specifications:

installment payments on your OBJECTIVE

The main objectives should be:

п‚· Style Cylinder and Piston to get Double behaving

reciprocating compressor which creates 9

Kg/cm2 compressed atmosphere.

п‚· Unit and carry out stress examination for Tube and



Heinz P Bloch and John J. Hoefner worked on the

Development of a Double operating free intervention expander

to get power restoration in transcritical CO2 routine.[5]. Sunshine et

al. developed New method of thermodynamic

computation for the reciprocating pc simulation

by simply Si – Yieng.[6] T. Norman Color et. al. suggest

search engine optimization and revitalization techniques about

compressors found in air drilling, air procession and surroundings

separation etc . and emphasis on the fact that virtually

any size style can be considered pertaining to improvements,

A. Al masi worked on reciprocating compressor design

and manufacturing with respect to performance,

reliability and cost. And suggested techniques for

optimum reciprocating compressor. A. P. Budagyan and

G. I. Plastinin devoted in design and optimization in

reciprocating air compressors [10] and minutely researched

the effect of temperature deviation on the general

performance from the reciprocating compressors and

cooling down of compressors. Due account is given upon

optimal standard geometric sizes of reciprocating


some. Methodology

some. 1 Type of Cylinder and Piston pertaining to double performing


Optimum pressure

= 9 kg/cmВІ...

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