Reflection Conventional paper NSTP

Reflection Paper: Project Implementation

Our project setup has hence define to commit the core values of letran, specifically to end up being among the energetic builders and leaders from the community. It's the capability with reference to this program in order to build personal competitiveness which will be able to enhance different way in life. During those days ahead of implementation, we didn't really know what to do because of the fact that we lack of malunggay leaves regardless of the fact that it is already tomorrow. Then all of us go through a good journey only to make our product out of it, I then know our attempts will not go to waste because our named beneficiary is the seniors of barangay 655, Dentro, Manila Town.

A lot more short because of not doing good things to other specifically to our aged. Life is frequently about becoming taken care of in childhood, or being a childcare professional for others. The teachings are sometimes about nurturing, love and consideration. In that day, we begin to say to them thank you for what they did to our culture up until today. I believe which the definition of aged needs to be redefined. It can't be based solely on date age. First, I'm pleased to say which our product has already established come to its endless range offering a very helpful dimension towards with their age. Like our dairy tea and tea, specifically this helps helping them to battle osteoporosis or any issue relating to calcium deterioration.

Looking to the process of setup, during each of our NSTP1, we visited the elderly in their property at barangay 655, Intramuros, Manila Town. What we discovered when we interviewed them 1 by 1 is their very own similar answers particularly the help of government in all aspects. There are nominal help that they received from your government however, not the majority of them acquired given the possibility. The government, social workers, intellectuals from almost all walks of life and also other members of society must help these kinds of social businesses by...

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