Essay in Soci Assessment

Introduction to Sociology Review for Exam 1

Chapter 1- Discovering Sociology

Sociology, Social Imperative, Sociological Imagination, C. Wright Generators on the sociological imagination (connection between background biography- which means of each), Personal problems vs . Cultural issues, Generalizations and Stereotypes, Critical considering, Early good understanding existence and world, Roots of social theorizing (places), Most important historical celebration that created sociological thought and practice, Focus of early sociology, Need for the " Age of Reason” & " The Enlightenment Period”, Juste Comte/Importance to sociology, Positivism, Social statics/dynamics, Harriet Martineau and sociology, Herbert Gradzino and sociology- The Organic and natural Analogy- Social Darwinism, Karl Marx plus the nature of society and action, Emile Durkheim and Social Order, Social Solidarity/Social integration, Physical and Organic Solidarity, Need for the study in Suicide (findings), Max Weber's ideas about social believed, The value cost-free approach, Versthen, Ideal types, The surge of American Sociology, Lester Ward, The focus of Pure Sociology vs . Utilized Sociology, Her Adams input, Margret Sanger and Feminist Sociological thought, W. E. B Dubois a and social research, Relevance with the University of Chicago, Activist-Reformist Approach, Theory vs . Paradigm, (3) major theoretical perspectives, Symbolic Interactionism (major tenets), Microanalysis, the meaning of symbols, defining conditions, the searching glass home, Dramaturgy, Labels, Macroanalysis and Functionalism and Conflict theory, Functionalism, sociable structure, social equilibrium, show and latent functions, sex-related, Conflict theory and Karl Marx, Neo-conflict theory, C. Wright Mills and " The Power Elite”, Feminist/Integrated theory.

Chapter 2- Doing Sociology

Types of Knowledge-Experience, Cultural traditions, Faith, Authority, Science, concentrate of the science, Interpersonal sciences versus Natural sciences, Sociobiology,...

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