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Quiz one particular

Theme one particular: Strategy Development & Functionality Evaluation

1 ) Understand the position of management accounting in the organization. Specifically, review this concepts. a. How administration accounting info are used in the organization. n. Compare and contrast financial and supervision accounting. c. How the dependence on management accounting data alterations with organization size and diversity. d. So why employees may resist modify driven by simply management accounting. 2 . Precisely what is the focus or perhaps overview of Idea 1: Strategy Development & Performance Evaluation? 3. Consider The Well balanced Scorecard (BSC) along the lines of the difficulties listed below. a. Understand the notion of each sizing or four levels utilized in the BSC. Describe every dimension as well as the related trigger and result among these types of dimensions. w. What is the role of business technique in the BSC and how are these claims strategy employed? c. Precisely what is meant by the phrase " you get the behavior you reward” and how does it correspond with the BSC? d. Be familiar with circumstances when financial efficiency measures happen to be most effective or perhaps appropriate so when nonfinancial functionality measures will be most effective or perhaps appropriate. elizabeth. What are the unique aspects to applying the BSC to non-profits and government agencies? farreneheit. Be comfortable applying the BSC to a situation.

g. Exactly what the boundaries to handling using the BSC?

4. Considering the management of customer associations based on the dimensions listed below. a. Precisely what is the entrave between managing customer human relationships and the BSC? b. What makes it important to correctly manage buyer relationships? c. Be comfortable listing the characteristics of high service client segments and low customer satisfaction segments. Just how would you services these segments differently? deb. Understand the idea and putting on:

i. Pareto Criterion.

ii. The 40-1 Rule.

iii. The 2 simply by 2 matrix of client segment price to services and success. iv. Discounts, allowances and the Waterfall Diagram....

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