The Power of Pleasure Essay

The Power of Pleasure

In Antigone, pride was a task despised by simply society plus the gods of Greek mythology. Those who were over-prideful had been often punished by the gods and had been condemned to suffering. Pleasure is equally a positive and a negative feature. Pride could be negative in case it is arrogant or perhaps self-centered. Pride is not evil if it is controlled. We all need to be happy with themselves and proud of their particular achievements. Take great pride in is also a trait that asserts courage and bravery. The story of Antigone written by Sophocles has two characters that contain a tragic flaw of pride. Let me show how Creon's take great pride in of power leads to his destruction, and exactly how Antigone's pride makes her an professional character which should be treated as a hero. Antigone is an honorable character in this tale of love and rebellion. The only thing that she truly does is go against an order that is unjust and bury the is still of her brother. She defies the king's rule and tells him that he is incorrect. This match of rage is influenced by her love on her brother. She calls the actual king the moment nobody else would. The girl realizes that everyone believes the king's decree can be outrageous yet is too afraid of the california king. " These men below would reward me. Had been the lips not frozen shut with fear of you. ”(sc. two, 210) It truly is impressive that Antigone could speak away against the king in this manner mainly because she is 1st a woman and second because she knows that her destiny could be sealed if she does not make an effort to apologize on her behalf crimes. This display of courage makes the reader would like to like Antigone and need the full to overturn his decision. It implies that she would not fear fatality and believed that honnete were essential than obeying authority. Creon is a gentleman who has simply become the california king of Thebes and contains a flaw of obtaining too much pleasure. He can't control the potency of being over other people and he enables the power go to his head. In getting his new powers Creon decides to make a rule that will not permit the brother of Antigone to...

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