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The Sign of the Cross

Gestures and icons have always played out a major portion in the Western Mystery customs. Yet, of all symbols, the cross is the most prominent and influential in guiding american mystics to Cosmic consciousness. While known as almost an exclusively Christian symbol, the cross features existed considering that the dawn in the mysteries. The Egyptian tau and anhk, the Mix of Christ's Passion, the Rosy Cross of the middle ages and Rennessance alchemists, towards the post-Vatican Two cross with the Resurrected Messiah, all are historic variations of the identical symbol which includes lead a sizable part of humanity on the path to God. History of the Cross

Generally, the cross is seen as the linking of the upright line with a horizontally line, or maybe the active (I) with the passive, or receptive (-). When ever these two makes are put together, we have the creation of a third push, idea, or perhaps entity. When definite early on sexual significance is present, it can be on the emotional and psychic levels the cross is most fully explored. The Silk ahnk, or looped mix, is said to be a good example of this early sexual (i. e. creative) symbolism, nevertheless , most of the later uses are as being a sign of life pressure and keen power in a complete feeling. Jung shows that the mix has their origins in humanities finding of fire, therefore, is in fact a fire mark derived from primitive man's massaging of two sticks with each other in order to take up a fire to get warmth, protection, and the creation of tools. It is interesting to note, that words signifying cross, such as krois, krouz, kreuz, crux, cruz, or croaz, have etymological commonalities with words and phrases signifying fireplace. The beginnings ak, ur, or operating-system, all symbolize cosmic light or fireplace. The earliest crosses were basically marked while (T) or perhaps (X). Later on variations added the additional equip to the best to form a (t or +). The similar armed cross (+) utilized to represent the four cardinal directions, elements, colors of mankind (Hopi lore), plus the Four Heavens of Zoroaster and its later on variation in Jewish Qabbalah. When circled it became the four months, stages of life, and all sorts of the associations of your life, death, and re-birth. Plato inВ TimaeusВ tells how the Demiurge reunited the broken parts of the fragmented 'World Soul' through two assemblee shaped just like, what we call, the Saint Andrew's Cross (X). The Egypt ahnk, or perhaps looped cross, has for a lot of, been the symbol of humanities revival, in that this shows the initiate greetings the day with arms outstretched and brain held excessive. One theosophical writer telephone calls this pose the " Madonna Posture" as if our company is attempting to adopt all of creation. She even more states that it is also great for the thymus gland/heart region, in that celebrate a feeling of visibility and consideration, right where vertical and horizontal shafts meet. Throughout the Middle Ages the cross started to be chiefly associated with the crucifixion of Christ. Consequently, the mix in an vertical manner (+) became the symbol of Divine Electric power and Existence, the beat of loss of life and ignorance. By common sense, the inverted cross, in that case became the symbol of blasphemy, demonic power, or maybe the rejection of Christ's sacrifice. Yet it was a strictly historical presentation a that point, for St . Peter requested crucifixion in this way, inverted, as he felt he was not good enough to hang the same way as did Christ. Earlier, sometime later it was, mystical doctrines use the several forms of the cross to signify diverse flows of Cosmic force, potential, and rhythm. In England the combination was linked to the Yew tree, often seen growing in churchyards. Christ in medieval tracks and testimonies is said to obtain been 'hung on a tree' just like the Norse god Odin. Christian mystics would after change this kind of to the " Tree of Life" of medieval Jewish mysticism, or Qabbalah. Use of the Mix

By using the sign of the mix in a mindful manner, we could create within ourselves an ailment that is supporting of mystical experiences and expanded awareness. We in fact ,...

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