Were the English Colonists Guilty of Genocide? Essay

The early 1600s brought the first European settlers to the Americas, and on arriving that they found the land inhabited by 1000s of Native Americans. The colonists' deficiency of knowledge about the land and individuals led to a series of disputes to ensure the colonists' basic safety. Unfortunately, this kind of eventually generated genocide, an act of hatred aimed towards the local people, but undeniable because overtime the settlers began to destroy for sport rather then protection against the Indians' attacks.

By 1607, if the European settlers arrived at Jamestown, the Pequots numbered 18, 000, but also in the next hundred years that number could decrease simply by ninety-five percent, leaving a mere 600 remainders. The Abenaki group of Vermont and Fresh Hampshire decreased ninety-eight percent, with two hundred and fifty left with your life. These loss of life tolls are just a couple of the countless that took place, and regrettably most of the decline in the Natives' population occurred before the epidemics raged. This leads that you believe that it was the colonists' influence for the Natives that led to this kind of a drastic inhabitants increase. In that case, in the middle 1630s, the natives experienced another populace decrease because of the many conditions that were threatening many Indians. Many of the Puritans felt that the epidemics' effects were a great gift from God, and that the Indians were the Devil's workers.

In 1636, a Pequot was offender of murdering a colonist. The settlers went on a rampage to find revenge. That they burned the natives' villages, and taken and killed many departing only eight to escape. One full year later, throughout the Pequot Warfare, the settlers killed all but five residents when raiding their ft. This slaughter was described as " a sweet sacrifice" and the colonists " offered praise thereof to God. " (-C. Mather) It appears that these two raids happened when the colonists dreaded for their security. One could argue though the colonists proceeded to go overboard. All things considered, they had no proof that a Pequot acquired murdered a colonist; what gave these people the right to action merely on the...

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